With #sayit, we provide an important platform for people who have experienced or witnessed discrimination in the medical context. Our goal is to give both those affected and observers the opportunity to share their experiences and raise awareness of existing grievances. You can find more about the project here. 
In this working group, we collect reports from affected individuals and observations and publish them to facilitate a broad discussion. Additionally, we raise awareness in the public through smaller campaigns. We believe in the power of collective exchange and advocate for discrimination experiences not to be ignored.
In addition to reporting, we conduct smaller campaigns to raise awareness in the public about this issue. We design posters, postcards, and are constantly searching for new innovative formats to share the stories and voices of our community. We may even plan the organization of an exhibition to make discrimination in the medical field even more tangible.
Our top priority is to encourage people to actively oppose discrimination and to collectively advocate for a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system. By supporting each other and raising our voices, we can effect change and shape a better future.
Zu sehen ist der umrahmte Schriftzug "#SAYIT" und klein dazu geschrieben "Plattform für Diskriminierungserfahrung".