The Pro Choice working group is dedicated to the question: 'Can I make autonomous decisions about my body and my sexuality?' We critically examine bodies that are often marginalized and discriminated against in medicine and society.
For us, issues such as sexual self-determination, gender diversity, free access to information about abortions, and the legalization of abortions are central concerns of our work. We advocate for information to be freely accessible, for abortions to be legalized, and for doctors who perform abortions not to be criminalized. Removing paragraph 218 from the Criminal Code is particularly important to us.
Our engagement with the topic of abortions quickly led to a focus on (queer) feminist issues in medicine in general. Regularly, we organize Papaya-Workshops, , where gynecologists, under guidance and after thorough theoretical embedding, practice the procedure of abortion using papayas. In this endeavor, we collaborate with Medical Doctors For Choice and gynecologists from Dresden, who provide us with exciting insights into their everyday practices. Additionally, we also strive to incorporate reports from affected individuals or other stakeholders.
We are involved in the planning, supervision, and execution of the papaya workshops, connect with Medical Students for Choice, and support events focusing on sexuality and reproduction. This includes the public relations work that we engage in.